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Available in multiple sizes and designs!
Permanent waterproof vinyl can be used indoors or out
Lasts 6+ years outdoors and 10+ years indoors!

All of our decals are long-lasting, modern and stylish, easy to apply and affordable. These decals can be applied to nearly any hard, non-porous, non-textured surface like your mug, tumbler, laptop, front door, front window, mailbox, etc. Stickers adhere perfectly to metal, plastic, most paints and glass.

Our Oracal 651 vinyl is a performance grade vinyl well suited for indoor and outdoor applications. It was originally designed for fleet vehicle graphics making it a perfect choice for cars. The solvent based permanent adhesive makes it a great choice for wet area applications such as boats or other outdoor places. It will last up to six years when used outdoors. We recommend hand washing when using it on cups, do not place items with vinyl in the dishwasher or microwave.

Colors may vary according to monitor and screen settings.

Hand wash only, do not place items with decals in the dishwasher or microwave.

NOTE: This is a die-cut decal, it has NO BACKGROUND. The area shown behind the image/silhouette is NOT part of the decal and it's only shown as an example of what the decal may look like when applied to a similar surface. . This decal will come with a clear transfer tape over it which will be used to apply the decal and then will be removed. For maximum visibility please choose a decal color that contrasts the color of the surface you will be applying it on. For example choose a light/bright decal color for a dark surface like a car window. If the decal color you choose is too similar to the surface you are applying it to it may not show up well.

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PriceFrom $4.00
  • I cannot be responsible or refund any decal that is damaged during application, does not stick or peels off of your desired surface. Decals are waterproof with a strong adhesive but may not stick to some surfaces such as, certain types of paint and textures such as satin or semi-gloss finish, teflon, stain guard, low VOC, or VOC free paints. Failure to properly clean and dry a surface prior to application can cause adhesion issues, as well as application error. Because of these reasons I cannot guarantee how long the decal will last on your chosen surface. While vinyl decals can be removed from most surfaces, it is possible they may damage certain surfaces. Use at your own risk.